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Journal Article
  1. [MALA-07] O. Malaspinas, G. Courbebaisse, and M. O. Deville, "Simulation of a generalized Newtonian fluid by the Lattice Boltzmann Method", International Journal of Modern Physics C (IJMPC), vol. 18, no. 12, pp. 1939-1949, 2007 .
Conference Paper
  1. [ZHAN-15] Y. Zhang, O. Malaspinas, J. Latt, B. Chopard, and G. Courbebaisse, "Study of the correlation between the porosity configuration and the flow diverter efficiency using lattice Boltzmann method", DSFD 2015, 24th International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics, Edinburgh, Scotland, 07/2015.
  2. [COUR-06b] G. Courbebaisse, O. Malaspinas, and M. Deville, "An emergent technique towards the simulation of complex phenomena", Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics - DSFD2006, Geneva, Switzerland, pp. CD, August, 2006.
Invited Conference
  1. [COUR-12] G. Courbebaisse, J. Latt, O. Malaspinas, M. Orkisz, and B. Chopard, "Blood flow simulation within Stented Intracranial Aneurysm", ICFD 2012, Ninth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, Sendai, Japan, 09/2012.
  2. [COUR-06c] G. Courbebaisse, O. Malaspinas, and M. Deville, "Lattice Boltzmann method and numerical simulation of complex fluids", Workshop Psi-k COST P19, Multiscale modelling of extended defects and phase transformations at materials interfaces, Wroclaw, Poland, September, 2006.