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  1. [ROBI-13c] M. Robini, N. Freud, and J. M. Letang, "Efficient simulated annealing for full inverse treatment planning", IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Seoul (South Korea), In Press.
  2. [RIT-12] S. Rit, N. Freud, D. Sarrut, and J. M. Létang, "Distance-driven binning for proton CT filtered backprojection along most likely paths", Second International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, Salt Lake City, USA, 2012 .
  3. [GREV-11c] L. Grevillot, D. Bertrand, F. Dessy, N. Freud, and D. Sarrut, "A Monte Carlo Pencil Beam Scanning model for proton TPS Quality Assurance using GATE/GEANT4", 50th International PTCOG meeting (Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group), Philadelphia, US, 2011 .  Téléchargement: Grevillot-ptcog2011-poster.pdf (2.33 Mo)
  4. [LETA-11c] J. M. Létang, M. Chevallier, D. Dauvergne, N. Freud, G. Montarou, C. Ray, and E. Testa, "Real-time monitoring of ion ranges", Workshop on Hadron Beam Therapy of Cancer, Erice, 2011.
  5. [BAJA-09animma] M. Bajard, M. Chevallier, D. Dauvergne, N. Freud, P. Henriquet, S. Karkar, F. Le Foulher, J. M. Létang, R. Plescak, C. Ray, et al., "Prompt-gamma-ray monitoring during carbon ion therapy: comparison between measurements and Geant4 simulations", first International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement Methods and their Applications ANIMMA, Marseille, 2009.
  6. [VIDA-09tpcg] F. P. Vidal, M. Garnier, N. Freud, J. M. Létang, and N. W. John, "Simulation of X-ray attenuation on the GPU", Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, Cardiff, pp. 25-32, 2009.

    Winner of Ken Brodlie Prize for Best Paper

  7. [LETA-08syrad] J. M. Létang, N. Freud, F. Smekens, C. Boudou, C. Ferrero, H. Elleaume, A. Bravin, F. Estève, and D. Babot, "Fast simulation of dose deposition in Stereotactic Synchrotron RadioTherapy (SSRT)", New prospects for brain tumour radiotherapy: Synchrotron light and Microbeam radiation Therapy, SYRAD, 2008.
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