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  1. [ROBI-13c] M. Robini, N. Freud, and J. M. Letang, "Efficient simulated annealing for full inverse treatment planning", IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Seoul (South Korea), In Press.
  2. [KRIM-13] J. Krimmer, L. Balleyguier, J. Baudot, S. Brons, L. Caponetto, M. Chabot, X. Chen, M. Dahoumane, D. Dauvergne, M. De Rydt, et al., "Real-time online monitoring of the ion range by means of prompt secondary radiations", Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications (ANIMMA), 2013 3rd International Conference on, pp. 1-8, June, 2013 .
  3. [DEDE-12a] G. Dedes, S. Rit, D. Dauvergne, M. De Rydt, N. Freud, J. Krimmer, J. M. Létang, C. Ray, and E. Testa, "Electron density resolution determination and systematic uncertainties in proton computed tomography (pCT)", Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2012 IEEE, pp. 3600-3601, Oct, 2012 .
  4. [RIT-12] S. Rit, N. Freud, D. Sarrut, and J. M. Létang, "Distance-driven binning for proton CT filtered backprojection along most likely paths", Second International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, Salt Lake City, USA, 2012 .
  5. [GREV-11c] L. Grevillot, D. Bertrand, F. Dessy, N. Freud, and D. Sarrut, "A Monte Carlo Pencil Beam Scanning model for proton TPS Quality Assurance using GATE/GEANT4", 50th International PTCOG meeting (Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group), Philadelphia, US, 2011 .  Téléchargement: Grevillot-ptcog2011-poster.pdf (2.33 Mo)
  6. [LETA-11c] J. M. Létang, M. Chevallier, D. Dauvergne, N. Freud, G. Montarou, C. Ray, and E. Testa, "Real-time monitoring of ion ranges", Workshop on Hadron Beam Therapy of Cancer, Erice, 2011.
  7. [LOJA-11c] X. Lojacono, M. - H. Richard, C. Ray, D. Dauvergne, E. Testa, N. Freud, J. M. Létang, V. Maxim, and R. Prost, "Image reconstruction for Compton camera applied to 3D prompt imaging during ion beam therapy", IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, Valencia, Spain, IEEE, pp. 3518 - 3521, 2011 .
  8. [BAJA-09animma] M. Bajard, M. Chevallier, D. Dauvergne, N. Freud, P. Henriquet, S. Karkar, F. Le Foulher, J. M. Létang, R. Plescak, C. Ray, et al., "Prompt-gamma-ray monitoring during carbon ion therapy: comparison between measurements and Geant4 simulations", first International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement Methods and their Applications ANIMMA, Marseille, 2009.
  9. [VIDA-09tpcg] F. P. Vidal, M. Garnier, N. Freud, J. M. Létang, and N. W. John, "Simulation of X-ray attenuation on the GPU", Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, Cardiff, pp. 25-32, 2009.

    Winner of Ken Brodlie Prize for Best Paper

  10. [LETA-08syrad] J. M. Létang, N. Freud, F. Smekens, C. Boudou, C. Ferrero, H. Elleaume, A. Bravin, F. Estève, and D. Babot, "Fast simulation of dose deposition in Stereotactic Synchrotron RadioTherapy (SSRT)", New prospects for brain tumour radiotherapy: Synchrotron light and Microbeam radiation Therapy, SYRAD, 2008.
  11. [GUIG-06b] L. Guigues, D. Sarrut, N. Dufour, M. C. Ricol, E. Testa, M. Boutemeur, N. Freud, and J. M. Létang, "ThIS : A Geant4-based Therapeutic Irradiation Simulator", 1st European Workshop on Monte Carlo Treatment Planning (MCTP), Gent, Belgium, Oct, 2006.
  1. [GREV-PHD-11] L. Grevillot, Monte Carlo simulation of active scanning proton therapy system with Gate/Geant4: Towards a better patient dose quality assurance, , vol. phd, Lyon, INSA de Lyon, 2011 .

    Pr. Frank Verhaegen Professor, MAASTRO, Maastricht (Nl) Rapporteur Dr. Harald Paganetti Associate Professor, MGH, Boston (US) Rapporteur Dr. Irène Buvat Directeur de Recherche, CNRS, Paris (Fr) Examinateur Dr. Katia Parodi Associate Professor, HIT, Heidelberg (De) Examinateur Pr. Jacques Balosso Professeur, ETOILE, Lyon (Fr) Examinateur Dr. David Sarrut Chargé de Recherche, CNRS, Lyon (Fr) Directeur de thèse Dr. Nicolas Freud Maître de Conférence, INSA, Lyon (Fr) Co-Directeur de thèse Dr. Damien Bertrand Physicien, IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve (Be) Co-Encadrant

  2. [VIDAL-11] M. Vidal, Evolution des modèles de calcul de dose pour la planification de traitement en Protonthérapie, : INSA de Lyon, 2011 .

    Jean-Louis HABRAND PU-PH, Centre François Baclesse, Caen Président du jury Joël HERAULT Physicien médical, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice Rapporteur Dimitris VISVIKIS Directeur de Recherche INSERM, LaTIM, Brest Rapporteur Denis DAUVERGNE Directeur de Recherche CNRS, IPNL, Lyon Examinateur David SARRUT Chargé de Recherche, CNRS Creatis, Lyon Directeur de thèse Pascal FRANCOIS Physicien médical, Institut Curie, Paris Co-directeur de thèse Ludovic DE MARZI Physicien médical, Institut Curie - CPO, Orsay Encadrant Régis FERRAND Chef de projet, Institut Curie - CPO, Orsay Invité Jean-Christophe DIAZ Ingénieur Projet, DOSIsoft, Cachan Invité