Important dates and deadlines

It is still possible to become a participaant to the challenge. The IEEE IUS TPC has confirmed the orgnaizintion of the SA-VFI Challenge during our conference in Kobe. The organizers have decided to maitain as long as possible the possibility for new challengers to enter the competition. If you are in this case, and want to participate after July the 4th, please contact the organizers. Also, if you have a doubt about potential participation you are encouraged to contact the organizers.

This website has been shared to the community the late December 2017.

The deadline for registerring to the platform and become a potential participant to the challenge as well as for abstract submission is the same deadline as the one for the IEEE IUS 2018 in Kobe, i.e. May 4, 2018, 11:59 p.m., PT .

to be continued...