The PDF decribing the whole chalenge can be found following this link: Challenge_description (updated 02/10/2018)

Here you will find the different data sets as well as the code, split in a number of zip files:

Wire phantom

Straight vessel 105°

Straight vessel 90°

Spinning disc

Carotid bifurcation (this dataset was provided for people to prepare for the testing phase but the results are not taken into account for the ranking of the training competition)

Due to some errors in the initial simulated straight vessel datasets, you can find hereunder the new corrected datasets:

Straight vessel 105° new

Strainght vessel 90°new

Note that the groundtruth has not changed and that you are free to submit your results calculated from the dataset of your choice.

Finally here is the dataset for the testing phase, i.e. a new carotid bifurcation dataset.