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Evaluation framework
Based on the output from the PICMUS challenge organized during the IEEE IUS 2016, we propose an evaluation framework to assess the performance of algorithms to reconstruct ultrasound images from the transmission of steered plane-waves.

To achieve that goal, the framework we proposed is organized around 4 items:
  • Dataset: composed by synthetic images generated from the ultrasound simulator Field II and real acquisitions using a Versonics system equipped with a linear array probe (L11-4v).

  • Matlab toolbox: set of matlab functions and classes which structures the evaluation procedure.

  • P-code version of the reconstruction methods: each participant is asked to generate a p-code (protected function files) version of his reconstruction algorithm and send the corresponding files to

  • Blind evaluation: The received P-codes are launched to generate images from blind new dataset. The corresponding images are used to measure the same metrics as the ones given in the matlab toolbox. The obtained results will be presented in a review paper.