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Frequently Asked Question

Evaluation framework
  • Is it possible to work with something else than matlab ?

    Unfortunatly no. In order to facilitate the comparison of the different methods, we have made the choice of involving only matlab programming language since this is the mostly used language in our community.

  • Is there any limit in the RAM memory required to run the p-code ?

    We will make our best not to be limited by the hardware settings.

  • Is it possible to send p-code and .mat files which are used by the p-code ?

    Yes, for sure.

  • Is it possible to send p-code along with mex-files

    We agree with receiving p-code along with mex-files.

  • Is there any restriction with Matlab version?

    You have to use a matlab version which support object-oriented programming.

  • What is the Matlab version used by PICMUS organizers ?

    The PICMUS organizers use Matlab 2015 and 2016 to create the numerical phantom and to test the participants pcode.

  • Is the grid settings on which the images are reconstructed the same for all the datatest involved in this framework (numerical phantom + in vitro data + blind dataset) ?

    Yes, it is. You can find the all the information relative to the grid properties here

  • Is the grid settings the same as the ones defined during the first PICMUS challenge ?

    Yes, it is.