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Evaluation framework
Installing the framework
  • Download the PICMUS MATLAB library
  • Unzip the dowloaded file into a folder of your choice, for example [picmus_matlab_toolbox]
  • Add [picmus_matlab_toolbox] to MATLAB's path without subfolders.
  • If you open [picmus_matlab_toolbox] you should see the following file structre
Generating your first image

Just run the script examples/script_generate_image.m (in the examples folder). It will carry out the following tasks:
  • Download a dataset from the PICMUS website,
  • launch the DAS beamformer,
  • display the beamformed image,
  • and save the image as a hdf5 file in the result folder.
Displaying a saved image

Run the script examples/script_visualize_image.m (in the examples folder). It will open and display the image saved in the previous step.

Image evaluation

Run the script examples/script_evaluate_image.m (in the examples folder). It will carry out the following task:
  • Open the image generated by the DAS beamforming code,
  • deine a us_picmus_metrics object,
  • evaluate the quality metrics of the DAS images, namely
    • speckle quality,
    • geometrical distortion,
    • linearity of output dynamic range,
    • constrast,
    • full width half maximum, and
    • axial/lateral resolution.
  • display the resulting metrics in the command line window. Follow the link if you want to learn more on the PICMUS metrics.