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Evaluation framework
Protecting you code

You may be interested in protecting your code, either because you are waiting for an upcoming publication. In order to provide some degree of confidentiality, PICMUS rely on MATLAB's protected code generation.

The function pcode obfuscates the code and produces a file known as a P-file. If a folder is given to pcode then all the script or function files in that folder are obfuscated in P-files.

Using pcode

To generate pcode it suffices to pass the name of your beamforming function as an input. For instance by:
A P-file with the same name of the original M-file has been created in the same folder
Matlab can run P-files exactly as M-files. However if you try to open a P-file you will see this:
While P-files are not completely safe, they make it much harder for others to understand your code