[Dcmlib] Bug in gdcm?

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com
Wed Mar 14 13:11:58 CET 2007

Jean-Pierre Roux wrote:
> Lazzarato Dr. Gianni wrote:
>> Hi gdcm developers,
>>                   I found a problem compiling a little test app with 
>> vtk and gdcm.
>> I'm using borland c++ 2006 with Codeguard support and I'm triing to 
>> compile the vtkgdcmserieviewer example
>> from gdcm source.
>> Everything is ok, but this portion of code cause a memory leak exiting 
>> the application:
> Hi, Giani.
> Thank you for reporting the bug.
> I ran again vtkgdcmserieviewer on my own data (on Linux + gcc :-(  ), 
> and I cannot reproduce the bug, and I don't have acces to any Borland 
> c++ compiler.
> Could you send us an url link to a sample of your data, so we could 
> check if the problem comes from a gdcm bug in the way we read them, or 
> from the way vtkgdcmserieviewer precesses them.
> Thx
> --> Luca Picello : are you still on dcmlib mailing list?
> You work with Borland C++, don't you?
> Did you ever experience troubles with vtkgdcmserieviewer?
> Thx for your help
> JP


   If you ever get code, I can show you how to use valgrind to do the 
same on Linux (you don't need borland C++).


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