Reproducibility with the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP)

Welcome on the web page of the ReproVIP ANR project [ANR-21-CE45-0024-01].

ReproVIP aims at evaluating and improving the reproducibility of scientific results obtained with the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP) in the field of medical imaging. We focus on a reproducibility level ensuring that the code produces the same result when executed with the same set of inputs and that an investigator is able to reobtain the published results. We investigate reproducibility at three levels: (L1) the code itself, and in particular different versions of the same code, (L2) the execution environment, such as the operating system and code dependencies, parallel executions and the use of distributed infrastructures and (L3) the exploration process, from the beginning of the study and until the final published results.

The Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP) is a web portal for medical simulation and image data analysis. It leverages resources available in the biomed Virtual Organisation of the EGI e-Infrastructure to offer an open service to academic researchers worldwide.
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