Nonlinear Ultrasound Image Simulator: CREANUIS

This page is devoted to a quick presentation of the Creanuis software. This software allows to simulate the nonlinear ultrasound radio frequency (RF) images obtained with linear sources. Indeed, Creanuis software couples two different approaches:

  • A nonlinear propagation field simulator, based on a generalized angular spectrum approach method [bib]VARR-11b[/bib]
  • An image reconstruction scheme, using the nonlinear produced fields [bib]VARR-13c[/bib]

The design of the GASM also allow to simulate inhomogeneous medium in term of coefficient of nonlinearity and new types of RF images are obtained. The CREANUIS software has been developed in C/C++. The different proposed version of the software can be downloaded hereafter.  


Windows XP (old) : CPU / GPU version

Windows 7 : CPU / GPU version (2.2.0) 

Windows 10 : CPU / GPU version (3.0.0)

Fedora v16 version (old)

Fedora v20 : CPU (2.2.0) / GPU (2.1.0)  version


Exemple with inhomogeneous medium of coeffcient of nonlinerity and moving scatterers:

Illustration of a beating heart obtain with Creanuis. The scatterers are computed from a experimental sequence in order to obtain realistic motion in the US image [bib]ALES-12c[/bib].

CREANUIS software has been placed under a CeCILL-B licence. The software can be freely used as soon as the users cite in their work the two following references [bib]VARR-11b[/bib] and [bib]VARR-13c[/bib]:

  • F. Varray, A. Ramalli, C. Cachard, P. Tortoli, and O. Basset, "Fundamental and second-harmonic ultrasound field computation of inhomogeneous nonlinear medium with a generalized angular spectrum method", IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, vol. 58, no. 7, pp. 1366-1376, 2011.
  • F. Varray, O. Basset, P. Tortoli, and C. Cachard, "CREANUIS: A Nonlinear Radio Frequency Ultrasound Image Simulator", Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, vol. 39, no. 10, pp. 1915-1924, 2013.


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