Developer Tools

The CreaTools development and execution platform allows you to easily create new applications based on the existing black boxes, to create new components or simply to manage your development projects.


The bbStudio integrates several tools in one graphical interface like in the figure below

The interface is divided into four parts: Files, Messages, Command, Help.

'Files' - It is the script editor. If you load a file holding a script, it will be displayed in this area, and you will be able to modify it, to save it, to save-as it and to run it, using the respective lower-toolbar buttons.

'Messages' - System or script messages

'Command' - You can type here bbs commands which are executed on the fly. The buttons are shortcuts to the most frequently used commands.

'Help' - is used to browse the html help. You can find there various guides (link) and detailed information about each black box available. They can be browsed alphabetically, by package and by category. Two special categories, demos and examples, are available via direct links.


The bbInterpretor (bbi) is responsible for interpreting the black box scripting language used for the bbs commands or scripts and for their execution. It is integrated in the bbStudio but also exists as a standalone application.


creaNewproject is the tool to use for the management of your development projects with the help of CMake.