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NMR and Optics: From Measure to Biomarker


Our goal is to develop new ways of measuring MR-based indirect parameters and in the process, to seek for new biomarkers. Measurements should be rapid, robust, reproducible and reliable to handle physiological movements. The biomarkers are sought to come from mechanical, biochemical or structural properties of tissues under investigation. Our research focuses on three themes: 1) methodological development close to the patients, the diseases, and thus the diagnostic needs. This first axis is defined in collaboration with physician, clinicians or biologists and is intended to be related to translational project of the unit. 2) Association of modalities such as MR and optics so as to benefit during a single examination session from the advantages of each. The pertinence of modality association and the definition of hybrid know-how is a long process requiring expertise and knowledge of the different involved modalities. 3) The last research axis corresponds to developments and research driven by challenges resulting from the physical phenomenon to be measured: dipolar and scalar coupling, and rapidly decaying signals. Dedicated instrumental developments are performed through these three themes. Our team has experience and knowledge in many applied magnetic resonance aspects going from theory of MR physics to medical validation and applications. Bolstered by its experience and taking into account that Magnetic Resonance is a modality that often plays a central role for many biomedical imaging investigations, our team members are involved in most of transversal, inter-team projects.