PILoT (multimodal imaging platform at LyonTech)

The LyonTech multimodal and experimental imaging platform is an ISO 9001 imaging platform that brings together MRI, ultrasound and optical modalities on the La Doua site.

Member of the France Life Imaging (FLI) infrastructure this platform is open to all academic and industrial users.

Adjoined to the CREATIS laboratory, it targets researchers who need a platform capable of providing them with answers to very complex problems.

The originality of our platform is to be close to the research world; beyond their technical mission, PILoT's engineers also have the mission of bringing together external teams that arrive with their problem, with the laboratory's research teams that could help them solve it.

We are approved to perform animal experiments (approval number C69266 1401).

In support of these materials, we also have rooms dedicated to electronics, chemistry, mechanics as well as a FabLab.