Work environment

To help the realization of the experiments, we have a whole environment allowing to conceive and to carry out the additional assemblies allowing to improve the quality and the reproducibility of the acquisitions.

The PILoT platform offers a pre-clinical in vivo imaging service on rodents (mice and rats) in compliance with the regulations (directive 2010/63/EU). Our premises are approved by the DDPP (C 69266 1401). We have all the necessary equipment to perform longitudinal studies while reducing the number of subjects as much as possible, in accordance with the 3R rule (reduce, refine, replace).
We have a chemistry room with fume cupboards, mainly dedicated to the production of phantoms and test substances.
Our electronics room allows us to work on the "hardware" aspects associated with the different modalities, such as the realization of VHF/UHF NMR probes, the realization of analog and digital circuits, and this thanks in particular to a multilayer electronic circuit engraver as well as a vector network analyzer (VNA).
Two rooms are dedicated to mechanical design. The first is a standard mechanical room (workbenches, cutting and drilling equipment, etc.), while the second is dedicated to modeling and reverse engineering of devices (3D scanner, Solidworks and Solidedge) as well as to 3D printing.