Preclinical MRI

MRI is a non-invasive and non-irradiating technique that uses intense magnetic fields to visualize, with a resolution that can go down to a few tens of µm, the molecules of the organism containing protons or other non-zero spin atoms. Particularly adapted to in vivo monitoring of animal models, this technique makes it possible to observe extremely diverse types of information.

Preclinical MRI Bruker BioSpec USR 117/16 (11.7T) associated with a sheath of gradients of 750mT/m. This equipment has a set of proton probes adapted to imaging and spectroscopy of small rodents (mouse/rat) but also probes 13C, 23Na , 31P as well as a cryoprobe dedicated to the study of mice.
Bruker BioSpec USR 70/20 preclinical MRI (7T) associated with a 670mT/m gradient sheath. This equipment has a set of volume and surface probes adapted to imaging and proton spectroscopy of small rodents (mouse/rat).