Optical imaging

PILoT engineers are at your disposal to realize measurement benches corresponding to your needs. The equipment we have allows us to perform a wide range of measurements such as spectroscopy, recording of fast phenomena, confocal micrometric microscopy, light source calibration ...

We have several spectrometers with wavelength ranges from near ultraviolet to near infrared. We can thus identify the spectral signatures of fluorophores such as protoporphyrin, a marker of tumor glial cells.
Our hyperspectral cameras allow us to make acquisitions combining high spatial and spectral resolution.
We have a Cellvizio endomicrosope (Mauna Kea Technologies). This imaging technology is based on confocal microscopy integrating a 488 nm excitation laser associated with the use of an injectable contrast agent. This equipment is equipped with various miniprobes (dedicated fiber optic bundles) allowing real-time in vivo visualization of internal tissue microstructures at micrometric resolutions.