@conference {OULM-07, title = {Radiofrequency power deposition near metallic wires during MR imaging: feasibility study using T1-weighted thermal imaging}, booktitle = {Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc}, volume = {1}, year = {2007}, pages = {3894{\textendash}3897}, abstract = {

The presence of metallic conductors (implants, wires or catheters) is prohibited in MR imaging for safety purpose with respect to radiofrequency (RF) power deposition caused by RF excitation B1 field. This work describes the use of T1-weigthed MR imaging for estimating a thermal map around a metallic (copper) wire located in the center of a MR imaging unit during an imaging sequence. The experimental set up and the methodology used for capturing the elevation of temperature created by radiofrequency power deposition around the wire is presented. A proof of its efficiency to followup temperature elevation about 0,5 Degree C in a milimetric region of interest (pixel size: 1x1 mm2, slice thickness 5 mm) located around the wire is given, leading to further developments of MR imaging in presence of metallic implants, coils or catheters.

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