TitleLinear electro-optic effect for nuclear magnetic resonance coil
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsAyde, R, Gaborit, G, Dahdah, J, Duvillaret, L, Sablong, R, Perrier, AL, Beuf, O
EditorBerghmans, F, Mignani, AG, De Moor, P
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An electrooptic transduction is here used to perform a low invasive characterization of the magnetic field in the context of magnetic resonance imaging. A resonant coil is coupled to a passive electrooptic crystal and the electromotive force of the magnetic field sensor is converted into a polarization state modulation of a laser probe beam. The optical conversion is demonstrated and lead to a fiber remote measurement of the magnetic field. The setup sensitivity and dynamics are finally dramatically enhanced using a LiNbO3 integrated waveguide. The minimum detectable field is as low as 60 fT.Hz-1/2 and the dynamics exceeds 100 dB.

Linear electro-optic effect for nuclear magnetic resonance coil