Real-time single-pixel video imaging
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Recrutement passé

CREATIS opens a PhD position funded for three years, starting in October 2018.

Keywords  Single-pixel imaging, compressive video imaging,  signal and image processing, image reconstruction, machine learning.

Background  Recent advances in signal processing have made it possible to design new digital imaging systems [1]. Single-pixel imaging is a new paradigm that enables two-dimensional imaging from a point detector. It leads to high-performance optical imaging systems (e.g., hyperspectral and/or time-of-flight measurements) at very low cost [2]. Single-pixel cameras comprise a single point detector that is coupled with a spatial light modulator. By performing a sequence of optical measurements for different modulation patterns, it is possible to recover the image of the observed scene provided that ad-hoc reconstruction algorithms are implemented. Our group recently showed that adapting the modulation patterns to the object significantly decreases the acquisition and reconstruction times [3-4].

Project  The goal of this project is to develop fast image acquisition-reconstruction approaches by exploiting the spatiotemporal redundancy in videos. State-of-the-art video compression algorithms rely heavily on strategies for motion estimation (e.g., block-based motion estimation, optical flow or wavelet lifting), that can be smartly and efficiently incorporated into an adaptive single-pixel framework. As the performances of adaptive  methods are based on prediction steps, we intent to benefit from machine learning methods to determine the best measurement sequence for a particular time frame, and also across multiple time frames.

Context  The position is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and part of the ARMONI project, which targets fluorescence-guided surgery. The PhD fellow will have access to a real-life system to test his ideas in collaboration with a post-doctoral researcher.

Skills  We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative student with a background in applied mathematics, signal and image processing, computer science, or machine learning, with a strong interest in biomedimedical imaging. Good knowledge of optics would be a plus. Strong programming skills in Matlab and Python are required.

How to apply?  Send CV, motivation letter, and academic records by 4 May 2018 to,, and

Salary  €1700 net per month (+ teaching).


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