Joint works with companies

The ultrasound imaging team has always worked with companies in different ways (collaborative projects with external finances, projects fully supported by the company, CIFRE PhD project, advanced services for the company etc...)

Among all, we can underline that the group has received support from ANR for two Labcom projects. AtysCrea, led by Prof. Philippe Delachartre, received financial support from ANR between 2014 to 2017 and is still an active collaboration (follow link hereunder). Image4US has just been selected by ANR and will start in 2020. It is led by researcher Barbara Nicolas and consists in a joint project with DBSAS (webpage under construction).

  • Atys Medical. The ANR Labcom AtysCrea (2014-2017) concerning ultrasound medical instrumentation for high-frequency imaging and transcranial Doppler and the AURA project (2019-2024).
  • Medicing. A new collaboration on the topic of advanced learning toward more accurate ultrasound diagnosis and prediction of fetal abnormalities.