Associate professor in medical imaging
Recrutement en cours/passé: 
Recrutement passé

Job section: 26, 27

Discipline: Applied mathematics, Computer Science, Medical Physics

Short profile: Teaching: Mathematics / Research: Medical imaging

Laboratory: CREATIS

Department: FIMI


Research :

Profile: The research team in which the recruited member will be integrated develops innovative methods of simulation, modelling, reconstruction, registration and inverse problems applied in medical physics, in particular in tomographic imaging and radiation therapy (radiotherapy). The researchers and teacher-researchers of the team develop expertise and skills in mathematics, physics and computer science. They are involved in many ANRs projects, in LYRICan projects (Center Léon Bérard, HCL Lyon, an SIRIC of INCA) and in new developments related to spectral scanner, project of the Lyon imaging center as part of the FLI network.

The objective is to recruit an MCU to work in particular on Monte-Carlo simulation methods, optimization methods or inverse problems for medical imaging, modelling of the physics of imagers. Indeed, these simulations make it possible to reproduce numerically the physical phenomena involved in the formation of images or during therapies by ionizing radiation. They allow, for example, the development of new imaging methods or the personalization of therapies by allowing precise quantification of absorbed doses. We also want to extend the fields of application of the team in particular to nuclear medicine, both in imaging (SPECT or PET) and for cancer treatments by TRT (Targeted Radionuclide Therapy). As an example, we are interested in developing variance reduction methods or exploiting recent advances in machine learning to accelerate simulations.

Finally, the recruited person can also participate in the development of translational research projects involving clinicians and medical physicists from partner clinical establishments.


Lab head: Olivier Beuf

Contact: Françoise Peyrin (team leader)




Profile: The person recruited will be responsible for teaching aimed at providing students with solid basic knowledge in mathematics, particularly that applied to the engineering sciences. She will be required to teach in the core curriculum mathematics modules in the classical track and/or in one of the international tracks. She may also be called upon to intervene in the Mathematical Tools for Engineering Sciences module and/or in multidisciplinary engineering initiation courses for which a deepening in mathematics and/or numerical calculation is necessary within a framework contextualized and multidisciplinary.

The lessons evolving in their content but also in their form, the recruited person will have to get involved in pedagogy and participate in disciplinary and interdisciplinary developments. She must integrate with the existing teaching team and participate actively in the collective tasks of the discipline. A good level will be required in French and English languages ​​to properly provide teaching in these two languages.

Location: INSA LYON -- FIMI

Dpt head: Catherine Verdu

Contact: Tarkan Gezer (head of maths dpt)