Design and implementation of a fast hyperspectral imaging system
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Recrutement en cours

Purpose : Design of an imaging spectrometer based on a single pixel camera to detect protoporphyrin fluorescence in the context of glioma resection

Keywords : Hyperspectral Imaging, Ray Optics Simulations, Spectrometer, Single-Pixel Imaging, Python Language.

Context : Fluorescence-guided surgery for glioma resection. The design of the imaging spectrometer aims to improve survival rates by decreasing the recurrence.

Work plan :

  • Simulation and design of the 2D spectrometer
  • Building of the 2D spectrometer.
  • Upgrade of the acquisition software.
  • Upgrade of the reconstruction software.
  • Spectral calibration and evaluation of protoporphyrin detection.

Skills :

  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Optics simulations
  • Spectrometer, prism, grating
  • Programming in Python and collaborative development (e.g., github)
  • Image reconstruction, Hadamard transform


For more information : download the attached file