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Simulation in nonlinear ultrasound. Application to nonlinear parameter imaging in echo mode configuration
Segmentation of 2D-echocardiographic sequences using level-set constrained with shape and motion priors.
Accurate 3D Mesh Simplification
Computer-Aided Diagnosis(CAD)in Lung Cancer with Thoracic CT&PET/CT Imaging.
Interclass Statistical Tests on Objects
Compressed sensing approach for cardiac function imaging
Learning from and visualization of environmental, socio-economic and geodemographic data
Emerging MRI-based methods for in-vivo tracking of cytotherapy and inflammation
Recent trends in industrial and medical image segmentation
Introduction to Image Super-resolution
«Correction of scattered radiation in multi-energy radiography and tomography»
Recent advances at the VITALab : solving video analytic and medical imaging problems trough deep learning methods
Journée scientifique sur les réseaux de neurones et à l'apprentissage profond
Nuit Européenne des chercheurs
Software to Customize Ventilation for Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Intraoperative optical imaging
Nicolas DUCHATEAU appointed Junior member of the IUF
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Going to CREATIS
Cellular and molecular imaging
Molecular Imaging
Lung response to ventilator-induced injury
Multiphysic Imaging and Modeling of the Heart
Vessel lumen and wall
Digestive Wall
Cerebral Ischemia
Life sciences
Methodology and instrumentation for imagery
Imaging and exploraty methods in NMR
Geometry Processing
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Maracas (MAgnetic Resonance Angiography Computer Assisted analysiS)
Etude des mécanismes inflammatoires dans l’accident vasculaire cérébral
Spatio-temporal Image Analysis
Organ or modality-dependent modeling and simulation
Administrative and logistic department
Modélisation et simulation organe ou modalité -dépendantes
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