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Biomedical Imaging Research Lab
Emerging projects
Control of the imaging system
Fast Imaging
Elastography, motion estimation
Vessel tracking, Motion Flow
Non linear imaging
Broad band imaging
3D PA Imaging
Optimizing reconstruction algorithms
Multi pulse
3D imaging
3D Brain imaging
Ultrasound technical platform
Endovascular treatment and thrombosis modeling within intracranial aneurysms
3D heart tissue microarchitecture
Multiple Markers of cardiac function: statistical analysis and learning
Heart Model personalization and cardiac function parameters
Motion quantification and data registration
Quantification of lung aeration in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Arterial wall kinematics from ultrasound imaging
Multi-parametric and multi-modality imaging for improved diagnosis of vascular disease
Methological developments in imaging
Data processing and analysis
Modeling for living being
Vascular pathologies
Imaging for acute respiratory distress syndromze
Structure and function of the normal and pathological heart
Cerebral Ischemia
MRSViewer for cQUEST
PROCHIP: Chromatin organization PROfiling with high-throughput super-resolution microscopy on a CHIP
quality process
MicroVIP: Microscopy simulation software on VIP
Plateforme d'Imagerie Multimodale sur LyonTech (PILoT)
Preclinical MRI
Ultrasound imaging
Optical imaging
Work environment
Ultrasound imaging
Courses & Labs
GATE hadrontherapy simulations on the grid: scheduling, interface and large-scale experiment
Software engineer for the Virtual Imaging Platform
Ultrasound image formation based on the use of the spatial frequency domain
Respiratory motion management for extracorporeal HIFU treatment of liver carcinoma guided with US and CT
PhD fellowship on Proton CT reconstruction
Construction of a multimodality atlas of a reptile brain
Construction of a multimodality atlas of a reptile brain