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Dose delivery uncertainty estimation for probabilistic treatment planning
Deep predictive modeling of cancer imaging based on weak supervision and atypical losses (Year 2020-2021)
PhD. Dosimetry for 177Lu treatments in internal radiotherapy based on imaging and Monte Carlo simulations
Regional pulmonary function measured by automated analysis of CT images for predictive phenotyping in COPD
Structural and kinematic analysis of the arterial wall in ultrasound image sequences using deep learning
Structural and kinematic analysis of the arterial wall in ultrasound image sequences using deep learning
Learning hierarchies from cardiac imaging data and real life costs
Miniaturized ultrasounic transducer research and development
Instrumentation for deep learning hyperspectral optics
Imaging based dosimetry for 177Lu treatments in internal radiotherapy
3D quantification of right ventricular shape and deformation from cardiac mesh sequences
Imagerie tissulaire locale : impact du multiplexage de la sonde d’imagerie
Multitask learning and uncertainty in the annotations for pathology characterisation in spine images
Adaptive strategies based on artificial intelligence for radiotherapy Head and Neck cancer treatment
POST DOC 24 months MRI sequence developement
POST DOC 24 months MRI sequence developement
Associate professor in medical imaging
(postdoc 3y) Estimating out-of-field dose distribution based on Monte Carlo training dataset
Multiparametric MRI for the staging of hepatic steatosis at 11.7 T
Image registration with deep learning
Artificial Intelligence and Monte Carlo simulations in medical physics: investigating Angular Response Functions for SPECT image simulation with neural network
Self-supervised learning for the detection of anomalies in neuroimaging. Application to the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
Simulated CBCT images for training Deep Learning based segmentation methods in Head and Neck radiation therapy
Interprétation des réseaux de neurones pour l'imagerie médicale
PhD fellowship: Exponential Data Consistency Conditions for Patient Motion Detection and Correction in SPECT
Multiparametric MRI analysis of the evolution of myocardial infarct patterns with representation learning
Small vessels imaging using ultrasound coherence
Multiparametric functional atlas of the aorta
Research engineer/ Post-doc 12 months in artificial intelligence for medical image analysis starting Sept-Oct 2021
Prediction of response to treatment of stroke patients using a deep learning approach
PhD fellowship: X-ray spectral imaging for phase contrast retrieval
Multi-view analysis of left-right ventricular interactions using representation learning
Artificial Intelligence and Monte Carlo simulations for medical physics and nuclear medicine: investigating GAN for SPECT/PET imaging simulations
Unrolling directional total variation regularization algorithm for restoration of vascular structures
Manométrie intravasculaire par Doppler couleur pour des sténoses quasi-axisymétriques
Deep learning-based spectral reconstruction for Compton camera devices
Population-wide personalization of biophysical models: application to the generation of large databases of synthetic myocardial infarcts
Investigating parametric digital PET imaging in theranostic. Application to personalized 177Lu-based cancer treatments