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(Deep) machine learning for the prediction of patient coma outcome based on multimodality neuroimaging
Data Consistency Conditions for improving image quality of x-ray CT
Assessment of Compton Camera imaging applied to Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
Advanced image processing of 2D/3D Transmission Electron Microscopy images
Reconstruction SPECT par des méthodes d’apprentissage profond
Deep Learning for Detection of Acute Multiple Sclerosis Lesions without Gadolinium Injection
Lung Tumor Segmentation with deep neural networks
Deep learning : pushing the performance limits of deep diagnosis and prognosis models based on multimodality medical imaging
Dose delivery uncertainty estimation for probabilistic treatment planning
Hierarchical integration of cardiac imaging data with machine learning
Learning hierarchies from cardiac imaging data and real life costs
Instrumentation for deep learning hyperspectral optics
POST DOC 24 months MRI sequence developement
POST DOC 24 months MRI sequence developement
Adaptive strategies based on artificial intelligence for radiotherapy Head and Neck cancer treatment
Ingénieur de recherche - Imagerie nucléaire, reconstruction, simulations.
Imagerie tissulaire locale : impact du multiplexage de la sonde d’imagerie
Multitask learning and uncertainty in the annotations for pathology characterisation in spine images
Imaging based dosimetry for 177Lu treatments in internal radiotherapy
Associate professor in medical imaging
Miniaturized ultrasounic transducer research and development
Structural and kinematic analysis of the arterial wall in ultrasound image sequences using deep learning
Regional pulmonary function measured by automated analysis of CT images for predictive phenotyping in COPD
PhD. Dosimetry for 177Lu treatments in internal radiotherapy based on imaging and Monte Carlo simulations
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Images and Models
Modeling and Imaging of Vessels, Thorax and Brain 'MOTIVATE'
NMR and Optics: From Measure to Biomarker