Theralys was created in October 2001. The company has been bought by Bio-Imaging Technologies in February 2007. Theralys is originally a technological service company in the field of the medical imaging. The activity is largely oriented towards clinical studies, in particular for central nervous and cardiovascular sytems.

The main objective is to improve and to speed up the procedures for placing new pharmaceutical products on the market. The Theralys management team is composed of Chahin Pachai, (CEO, graduate engineer from INSA-Lyon, PhD in medical imaging at CREATIS), with Fabrice Vincent (Ecole Centrale Paris) and Emmanuel Olart (INSA-Lyon).

Today, Bio-Imaging Technologies and Phoenix Data systems have joined their strengths to give birth to BioClinica.


CIRMA Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

CIRMA is a company that has for main objective the valorisation of new instrumental and methodological devices to use MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a diagnostic tool in animal diseases. CIRMA has the National Lyon veterinary School for home structure and CREATIS as support research laboratory. Marie-José Seurin former research engineer at CREATIS, is now Executive Director of CIRMA.