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Journal Article

  1. [CIES-07e]K. Cieslar, Alsaid, H., Stupar, V., Gaillard, S., Canet-Soulas, E., Fissoune, R., and Crémillieux, Y., Nonlinear pO(2) decay in mouse lungs using He-3-MRI, Measurement of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Biomedicine, vol. 57, pp. 383-391, 2007.

Conference Paper

  1. [SABB-06a]M. Sabbah, Alsaid, H., Briguet, A., Fokapu, O., and Canet-Soulas, E., Application of Real Time System on Mouse Cardiovascular MRI, in 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information / Communication Technologies, Damascus, Syria, 2006.
  2. [STUP-05]V. Stupar, Canet-Soulas, E., Gaillard, S., Alsaid, H., Beckmann, N., and Crémillieux, Y., Retrospective Cine ventilation imaging under spontaneous breathing conditions: a non invasive imaging protocol for rat lung function assessment, in European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting ESMRMB, Basel, Suisse, 2005, p. (in-press).
  3. [SULA-04a]A. Sulaiman, Alsaid, H., Chaabane, L., Mansard, C., Briguet, A., Douek, P., and Canet-Soulas, E., Molecular imaging for atherosclerotic plaque by MRI : testing bench for vascular segments, in European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology,21st Annual Scientific Meeting, Copenhague, Denmark, 2004.