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Journal Article

  1. [PETE-08a]A. Peterzol, Létang, J. M., and Babot, D., A beam stop based correction procedure for high spatial frequency scatter in industrial cone-beam X-ray CT, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, vol. 266, pp. 4042-4054, 2008.

Conference Paper

  1. [LETA-08syrad]J. M. Létang, Freud, N., Smekens, F., Boudou, C., Ferrero, C., Elleaume, H., Bravin, A., Estève, F., and Babot, D., Fast simulation of dose deposition in Stereotactic Synchrotron RadioTherapy (SSRT), in New prospects for brain tumour radiotherapy: Synchrotron light and Microbeam radiation Therapy, SYRAD, 2008.
  2. [BENT-00b]L. Bentabet, Zhu, Y. M., Dupuis, O., Kaftandjian, V., Babot, D., and Rombaut, M., Use of fuzzy clustering for determining mass functions in Dempster-Shafer theory, in 16th IFIP World Computer Congress & Fifth International Conference on Signal Processing, Beijing, P.R. China, 2000, pp. 1462-1470.
  3. [KAFT-94a]V. Kaftandjian, Peix, G., Babot, D., and Peyrin, F., High resolution computed tomographic system : characterization and applications, in Process tomography a strategy for industrial applications, ECAPT94, Porto, Portugal, 1994, pp. 171–181.
  4. [KAFT-94c]V. Kaftandjian, Peix, G., Babot, D., and Peyrin, F., Réalisation d'un tomographe à haute résolution et à faible coût, in Proceedings 6th European Conf. on Non Destructive Testing ECNDT, Nice, France, 1994, pp. 963–964.
  5. [KAFT-94b]V. Kaftandjian, Babot, D., Peix, G., and Peyrin, F., X-Ray imaging and characterization of materials : high resolution computerized tomography, in Int. Symposium on Computerized Tomography for Industrial Applications, Berlin, Germany, 1994, pp. 308–315.

Book Chapter

  1. [ZHU-01]Y. M. Zhu, Kaftandjian, V., and Babot, D., Chapitre 8 : X-ray imaging and weld inspection using data fusion, in Applications of NDT data fusion, Kluwer Academic, Publ., 2001, pp. 159–191.