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Conference Paper

  1. [BASK-98a]A. Baskurt, Last, D., Canet, E., Dupont, F., Roux, J. P., Revel, D., and Janier, M., Myocardial perfusion mapping of first-pass MR studies by supervised classification, in International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Scientific Meeting, Sydney, Australia, 1998, p. 2098.
  2. [DUPO-97c]F. Dupont, Odet, C., and Zhu, Y. M., Control of flat steel products by texture segmentation in the Wigner-Ville domain, in Quality control by Artificial Vision (QCAV'97), Clermont-Ferrand, France, 1997, pp. 225–230.
  3. [DUPO-96]F. Dupont, Zhu, Y. M., Odet, C., and Goutte, R., Texture classification in the Wigner-Ville domain, in 3th International Conference on Signal Processing ICSP'96, Beijing, P.R. China, 1996, pp. 327–330.
  4. [DUPO-93b]F. Dupont, Odet, C., Carton, M., and Alexandre, P., Reconnaissance de défauts sur tôles décapées, in Colloque Contrôle Qualité par Vision Industrielle, Le Creusot, France, 1993, pp. 84–93.
  5. [DUPO-93a]F. Dupont, Odet, C., Carton, M., and Alexandre, P., Automatic recognition and analysis of surface defects on pickled steel sheet, in SPIE : Applications of Artificial Intelligence : Machine Vision and Robotics, Orlando, USA, 1993, vol. 1964, pp. 78–89.
  6. [BAUD-93a]O. Baudin, Baskurt, A., Dupont, F., Prost, R., and Goutte, R., Structural analysis and coding of multimodal medical images, in Int. Conf. SPIE Medical Imaging VII : Image capture, formatting and display, San Jose, USA, 1993, vol. 1897, pp. 298–306.
  7. [DEVE-91a]C. Devevey, Dupont, F., Unterreiner, R., and Froment, J. C., Automatic cranio-cerebral lesions recognition, in Meeting of the study Group on Artificial Intelligence in Radiology (AIRS), Lyon, France, 1991, p. 215.

Invited Conference

  1. [ODET-98b]C. Odet, Blanchard, D., and Dupont, F., Main components of on-line inspection systems, ECSC Workshop on-line optical surface inspection of steel strip achievements and outlook, February 5-6. Brussels, Belgium, pp. 17–31, 1998.


  1. [DUPO-94]F. Dupont, Analyse d'images et reconnaissance des formes : application à l'identification automatique de défauts de surface sur tôles décapées, INSA Lyon, 1994.
    Bonton P. (rap.), Carton M., Goutte R. (prés.), Najim M. (rap.), Nauche R. et Odet C. (dir.)