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Journal Article

Conference Paper

  1. [PEYR-94d]F. Peyrin, Zaim, M., and Goutte, R., Tomographic construction of a 2D wavelet transform : continuous and discrete case, in Workshop on wavelets in Medicine and Biology, Conf. satellite IEEE EMBS, Baltimore, USA, 1994, vol. 1, p. 5A-6A.
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  4. [PEYR-92e]F. Peyrin, Zaim, M., and Goutte, R., Multiscale reconstruction of tomographic images, in IEEE Int. symposium on Time-frequency and Time-scale analysis, Victoria, Canada, 1992, pp. 219–222.

Book Chapter

  1. [PEYR-96d]F. Peyrin and Zaim, M., Chap 9 : Wavelet transform and tomography : continuous and discrete approaches, in Wavelets in Biology and Medicine, A. Aldroubi and User, M. CRC Press Inc, Publ., 1996, pp. 209–230.


  1. [ZAIM-95]M. Zaim, Décomposition et reconstruction d'images tomographiques par transformée en ondelettes, INSA Lyon, 1995.
    Amiel M., Antoine J.P. (prés.), Goutte R., Rocques S. (rap.), Garnero L. (rap.) et Peyrin F.