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Conference Paper

  1. [DOUE-93d]P. Douek, Baldy, C., Canet, E., Loubeyre, P., Delignette, A., and Revel, D., Cine-MRI of the heart in a single breathhold with a segmented turboflash sequence : first clinical experience, in Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE'93), Budapest, Hongrie, 1993, vol. 16, p. S17.
  2. [MATH-92]C. Mathieu, Magnin, I. E., and Baldy, C., An optimal stochastic pyramid : segmentation of MRI data, in Int. Conf. SPIE Medical ImagSing VI, Newport Beach, USA, 1992, vol. 1652, pp. 14-22.


  1. [BALD-94g]C. Baldy, Quantification automatique de la fonction ventriculaire gauche en IRM, Université Claude-Bernard Lyon I, 1994.
    Amiel M. (prés.), Bittoun J. (rap.), Briguet A., Kaviecki W., Magnin I.E. (dir.), Revel D. et Woif J.E. (rap.)