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Journal Article

Conference Paper

  1. [DU-08]X. Du, Velut, J., Bolbos, R., Beuf, O., Odet, C., and Benoit-Cattin, H., 3-D knee Cartilage Segmentation Using a Smoothing B-Spline Active surface, in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, San Diego, California, USA, 2008, p. 1986.
  2. [ARME-05e]M. Armenean, Bolbos, R., Rengle, A., Saint-Jalmes, H., and Beuf, O., Two channel phased array receiver coil for high resolution MRI of rat knee joint at 7T, in European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, 22nd Annual meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 2005.
  3. [BOLB-04]R. Bolbos, Beuf, O., Benoit-Cattin, H., Odet, C., Pastoureau, P., and Janier, M., Cartilage characterization method in a guinea pig osteoarthritis model: Reproducibility of morphological measures using MRI, in European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, 21st Annual Scientific Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004, p. 38.

Invited Conference

  1. [BEUF-08d]O. Beuf, Bolbos, R., Rengle, A., Benoit-Cattin, H., Pastoureau, P., Goebel, J. C., Pinzano-Watrin, A., and Gillet, P., MRI techniques for cartilage studies in small-animal models of osteoarthritis, 4ème réunion scientifique Internationale du Pole Lorrain d'Ingénierie du Cartilage (PLIC). Nancy, France, 2008.


  1. [BOLB-06]R. Bolbos, Mesures morphologiques du cartilage par IRM à haute résolution spatiale in vivo : validation et développements méthodologiques sur le petit animal, Université Claude-Bernard Lyon I, 2006.
    O. Beuf (co-dir.), Jean-Luc Drap/'e (rap.), Pierre Gillet (rap.), Marc Janier (dir.), Philippe Pastoureau, Eric Vignon (prés.)