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Conference Paper

  1. [SCHR-99]K. S. Schroeder, Hass, C., Kruger, M., Ermert, H., Rastello, T., Vray, D., and Gimenez, G., Synthetic aperture-based reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images in the time domain and frequency domain, in ISIE '99, Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Some City, Some Country, 1999, vol. 3, pp. 1502-1507.
  2. [ROBI-97b]M. Robini, Rastello, T., Vray, D., and Magnin, I. E., Space-variant deconvolution for synthetic aperture imaging using simulated annealing, in IEEE Int Conf Image Processing, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 1997, vol. 1, pp. 432–435.
  3. [RAST-97b]T. Rastello, Vray, D., and Chatillon, J., Spatial under-sampling of ultrasound images using Fourier-based synthetic aperture focusing technique, in IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Toronto, Canada, 1997, vol. 1, pp. 823–826.


  1. [RAST-98b]T. Rastello, Synthèse d'ouverture en imagerie ultrasonore large bande : apport des méthodes d'inversion dans le domaine de Fourier, INSA Lyon, 1998.
    Colin A., Chatillon J., Gimenez G., Guyonic S., Jourdain G. (rap.), Sessarego J.P. (rap.), Prost R. et Vray D.