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Journal Article

  1. [PROS-99a]R. Prost, Ding, Y., Baskurt, A., and Benoit-Cattin, H., Regularized subband coding scheme, IEEE Trans Image Proces, vol. 8, pp. 564–570, 1999.

Conference Paper

  1. [BELL-96a]K. Belloulata, Baskurt, A., Benoit-Cattin, H., Ding, Y., and Prost, R., Fractal coding of medical imaging, in SPIE Medical Imaging X : Image display, Newport Beach, USA, 1996, vol. 2707, pp. 598–609.
  2. [DING-95]Y. Ding, Baudin, O., Beretta, P., and Prost, R., Medically adapted JPEG compression scheme, in SPIE, San Diego, USA, 1995, vol. 2431, pp. 517-544.