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Conference Paper

  1. [KHOU-98d]L. Khouas, Odet, C., and Friboulet, D., 3D Furlike texture generation by a 2D autoregressive synthesis, in Proceedings International Conference in Central Europe on Computer (WSCG'98) Graphics and Visualization, Plzen, Czech Republic, 1998, pp. 171–177.
  2. [KHOU-98b]L. Khouas, Odet, C., and Friboulet, D., A 2D texture model based on an autoregressive approach for 3D furlike texture synthesis, in Proceedings 10th Workshop on Image and Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing (IMDSP'98), Alpbach, Austria, 1998, pp. 175–178.
  3. [BEHL-98b]F. Behloul, Boudraa, A., Khouas, L., Janier, M., Zegadi, N., Roux, J. P., and Unterreiner, R., Analysis of first pass contrast enhanced myocardial magnetic resonance images using temporal fuzzy clustering, in 3rd International Conference on Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare (NNESMED '98), Pisa, Italy, 1998.


  1. [KHOU-98c]L. Khouas, Visualisation de champs de vecteurs 2D et 3D par modélisation autoregressive bidimensionnelle d'une texture de type fourrure, INSA Lyon, 1998.
    Cani M.P. (rap.), Friboulet D., Gagalowicz A., Lefer W. (rap.), Sequeira J. (rap.) et Odet C. (dir.)