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Conference Paper

  1. [BOUD-98b]A. Boudraa, Canet, E., Janier, M., Champier, J., Behloul, F., Roux, J. P., and Revel, D., A fast method for mapping first-pass myocardial MR images, in 6th International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Sydney, Australia, 1998, p. 898.
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  4. [BEHL-98a]F. Behloul, Boudraa, A., Janier, M., and Unterreiner, R., Self-organized radial basis function network using fuzziness measure for object extraction in Positron Emission Tomography images of the heart, in International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in knowledge-based systems (IPMU'98), Paris, France, 1998, vol. 1, pp. 230-237.


  1. [BEHL-99]F. Behloul, Fusion de données TEP-IRM par méthodes neuro-floues pour l'étude de la viabilité du myocarde, INSA Lyon, 1999.
    Croisille P., Goutte R., Janier M., Jaulent M.C. (rap.), Lisboal P. (rap.), Mason J.C, Revel D., Reynaud R.(rap.), Unterreiner R. (dir.) et Vanoverschelde J.L.J. (rap.)