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  1. [GIRA-14]P. R. Girard, Clarysse, P., Pujol, R., Wang, L., and Delachartre, P., Biquaternion Clifford Algebra and Grassmann Differential Geometry, in 8th International Conference, Curves and Surfaces, Paris, France, 2014, pp. 216-242.
  2. [SIXO-13d]B. Sixou, Wang, L., and Peyrin, F., Bone microstructure reconstruction from few projections with level-set regularization, in IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2013, pp. 1170-1173.
  3. [GRIM-95b]J. Grimaud, Lai, M., Thorpe, J., Adeleine, P., Plummer, D., Barker, G. J., Wang, L., Tofts, P. S., Mcdonald, W. I., and Miller, D. H., Evaluation of a computer-assisted quantification of MS lesions in cranial MR imaging, in Proceedings of the Society of Magnetic Resonance and the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, Nice, France, 1995, vol. 1, pp. 283–283.


  1. [WANG-16]Binary tomography reconstruction of bone microstructures from a limited number of projections, université de Lyon, Lyon, 2016.
    Jury: RODET Thomas( Rapporteur, SIJBERS Jan ( Rapporteur), DJAFARI Ali Mohammad ( Examinateur), SIXOU Bruno (Directeur de thèse), PEYRIN Françoise (Co-directeur de thèse)
    PDF icon Lin WANG.pdf (14.65 MB)
  2. [WANG-13]L. Wang, Modélisation et simulation de l'IRM de diffusion des fibres myocardiques, INSA Lyon, 2013.
    these en co tutelle, Jury: R. Deriche (R), C. Poupon (R), JP Thiran, (Pdt), L Axel, P. Croisille, WY Liu (co-dir), IE Magnin (Dir), YM Zhu (co-dir)