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Conference Paper

  1. [ABIA-05]D. Abi Abdallah, Drochon, A., Robin, V., Fakri-Bouchet, L., and Fokapu, O., Removing the MHD artefacts from the ECG signal for cardiac MRI synchronisation, in Young Investigator Competition, EMBEC'05, 3rd European Medical and Biological Enginnering Conference, IFMBE European Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Prague, République Tchèque, 2005.
  2. [ABIA-04]D. Abi Abdallah, Fakri-Bouchet, L., Chauvet, E., Bataillard, A., Briguet, A., and Fokapu, O., Electrocardiogram modeling for simultaneous in vivo NMR observations, in International Conference on Modelling And Simulation (MS'2004-France), Lyon, France, 2004.