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  1. [TOME-06]S. Tomei, Reilhac, A., Buvat, I., Michel, C., Gimenez, G., and Costes, N., Simulation-based Evaluation of Iterative Reconstructions in Dynamic [18F]MPPF PET studies, in IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, San Diego, France, 2006, pp. 3355-3360.
  2. [POLL-04]M. Pollari, Lotjonen, T., Makela, T., Pauna, N., Reilhac, A., and Clarysse, P., Evaluation of cardiac PET-MRI registration methods using a numerical breathing phantom, in IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Arlington, Vancouver, USA, 2004, pp. 1447-1450.
  3. [PAUN-03]N. Pauna, Croisille, P., Costes, N., Reilhac, A., Makela, T., Cozar, O., Janier, M., and Clarysse, P., A Strategy to quantitatively evaluate MRI/PET cardiac rigid registration methods using a Monte Carlo simulator, in Proceedings of FIMH'03 (Second International Workshop on functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart), Lyon, France, 2003, vol. 2674, pp. 194-204.