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Conference Paper

  1. [GUO-12]X. Guo, Friboulet, D., and Liebgott, H., Transverse oscillations beamformer design for sector scan using back-propagation, in IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Barcelona, Spain, 2012, pp. 1100-1103.


  1. [GUO-14b]X. Guo, Back-propagation beamformer design with Transverse Oscillations for motion estimation in echocardiography, INSA-lyon, Lyon, 2014.
    Jury: D. Kouamé (Pdt), J. M. Girault (Rap), M. Lethiecq (Rap), C. Cachard, D. Friboulet (Directeur), H. Liebgott (Directeur)