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Conference Paper

  1. [DYDE-03e]I. Dydenko, Friboulet, D., and Magnin, I. E., A variational framework for affine registration and segmentation with shape prior: application in echocardiographic imaging, in IEEE Workshop on Variational, Geometric and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision, Nice, France, 2003, pp. 201-208.
  2. [DYDE-01]I. Dydenko, Friboulet, D., and Magnin, I. E., Introducing spectral estimation for boundary detection in echography radiofrequency images, in Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heat (FIMH'01), Helsinki, Finland, 2001, pp. 24-31.


  1. [DYDE-03c]I. Dydenko, Segmentation dynamique en échographie ultrasonore radiofréquence, INSA Lyon, 2003.
    d'Hooge J., Friboulet D., Jamal F., Herment F. (rap.), Magnin I.E. (prés.) et Refregier P. (rap.)