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Conference Paper

  1. [PRIE-12e]J. C. Prieto, Pérez Romanello, C., Pérez Romanello, V., Revol-Muller, C., Odet, C., Orkisz, M., and Hernández Hoyos, M., Segmentación del árbol vascular pulmonar, in XXXVIII Conferencia Latinoamericana en Informática (CLEI), Medellín, Colombia, 2012, pp. 1-7.
  2. [PRIET-12d]J. C. Prieto, Mihaila, S., Hilaire, A., Fanton, L., Odet, C., and Revol-Muller, C., Age estimation from 3D X-ray CT images of human fourth ribs, in Worldcomp'12: 16th International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition IPCV'12, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2012.
  3. [PRIE-12a]J. C. Prieto, Revol-Muller, C., Peyrin, F., Camelitti, P., and Odet, C., 3D Texture synthesis for modeling realistic organic tissues, in VISAPP 2012. International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Rome, Italy, 2012, pp. 60-65.
  4. [HERN-08]M. Hernández Hoyos, Zuluaga, M. A., Lozano, M., Prieto, J. C., Douek, P., Magnin, I. E., and Orkisz, M., Coronary centerline tracking in CT images with use of an elastic model and image moments, in MICCAI Workshop - Grand Challenge Coronary Artery Tracking, New York City, USA, 2008, p. 8 on-line: http://hdl.handle.net/10380/1401.


  1. [PRIE-14]J. C. Prieto, Multiparametric organ modeling for shape statistics and simulation procedures, INSA Lyon, Lyon, 2014.
    Jury : Martin Styner (rapporteur), Christian Germain (rapporteur), François Cotton, David Rousseau, Charles Guttmann, Stephen Pizer, Christophe Odet (directeur), Chantal Muller (co-directeur)


  1. [PRIE-11]J. C. Prieto, Revol-Muller, C., and Odet, C., Modélisation multiparamétrique d'organes basée sur le codage de la structure interne, Journée Sciences Croisées Insa-Lyon: Modélisation et Sciences numériques. 2011.