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Conference Paper

  1. [REVO-12c]C. Revol-Muller, Rose, J. L., Pacureanu, A., Peyrin, F., and Odet, C., Shape Prior in Variational Region Growing, in International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications, IPTA'12, 2012, p. in press.
  2. [PACU-10]A. Pacureanu, Revol-Muller, C., Rose, J. L., Sanchez-Ruiz, M., and Peyrin, F., A Vesselness-guided Variational Segmentation of Cellular Networks from 3D Micro-CT, in IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI'10), Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2010, pp. 912 - 915.
  3. [ROSE-09b]J. L. Rose, Revol-Muller, C., Charpigny, D., and Odet, C., Shape prior criterion based on Tchebichef moments in variational region growing, in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP'09, Cairo, Egypt, 2009, p. in-press.
  4. [ROSE-09a]J. L. Rose, Revol-Muller, C., Reichert, C., and Odet, C., Variational region growing, in VISAPP-09 International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Lisboa, Portugal, 2009, p. in-press.
  5. [ROSE-08b]J. L. Rose, Revol-Muller, C., Langlois, J. B., Janier, M., and Odet, C., 3D region growing integrating adaptive shape prior, in Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 2008. ISBI 2008. 5th IEEE International Symposium on, Paris, France, 2008, pp. 967-970.
  6. [ROSE-07]J. L. Rose, Revol-Muller, C., Almajdub, M., Chereul, E., and Odet, C., Shape Prior Integrated in an Automated 3D Region Growing method, in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP'07, San Antonio, USA, 2007, pp. 53–56.

Book Chapter

  1. [REVO-13]C. Revol-Muller, Grenier, T., Rose, J. L., Pacureanu, A., Peyrin, F., and Odet, C., Region Growing: When Simplicity Meets Theory. Region growing revisited in feature space and variational framework, in Lecture Notes Series of Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Springer-Verlag, vol. 359, 2013, pp. 426-444.

Invited Conference

  1. [PACU-12b]A. Pacureanu, Langer, M., Rose, J. L., Revol-Muller, C., and Peyrin, F., 3D nano-CT: a new approach for imaging at cellular scale, General Assembly of the French Society for Signal and Image Processing in Life Sciences. 2012.


  1. [ROSE-08]J. L. Rose, Croissance de région variationnelle et contraintes géométriques tridimensionnelles pour la segmentation d'image, INSA Lyon, 2008.
    M. Revenu (rap.), F.Truchetet (rap.),P.Bolon (prés.), M.Jourlin , C.Revol-Muller,C.Odet(dir.),


  1. [ODET-07]C. Odet, Rose, J. L., and Revol-Muller, C., Synthèse générale des méthodes de segmentation intégrant de l'a priori géométrique , Réunion des GDR STIC-SANTE Thème B: "Signaux et Images en santé" et GDR ISIS Thème B : "Image et Vision", Journée thématique commune: "Segmentation de structures anatomiques avec intégration d’a priori géométrique". 2007.