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  1. [REVO-12c]C. Revol-Muller, Rose, J. L., Pacureanu, A., Peyrin, F., and Odet, C., Shape Prior in Variational Region Growing, in International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications, IPTA'12, 2012, p. in press.
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  15. [REVO-00a]C. Revol-Muller, Peyrin, F., Odet, C., and Carillon, Y., Automated 3D region growing algorithm governed by an evaluation function, in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP'00, Vancouver, Canada, 2000.
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Book Chapter

  1. [REVO-13]C. Revol-Muller, Grenier, T., Rose, J. L., Pacureanu, A., Peyrin, F., and Odet, C., Region Growing: When Simplicity Meets Theory. Region growing revisited in feature space and variational framework, in Lecture Notes Series of Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Springer-Verlag, vol. 359, 2013, pp. 426-444.

Invited Conference

  1. [PACU-12b]A. Pacureanu, Langer, M., Rose, J. L., Revol-Muller, C., and Peyrin, F., 3D nano-CT: a new approach for imaging at cellular scale, General Assembly of the French Society for Signal and Image Processing in Life Sciences. 2012.


  1. [REVO-12d]C. Revol-Muller, Prise en compte de données multidimensionnelles et hétérogènes en imagerie médicale : contributions en fusion, filtrage et segmentation. INSA Lyon, Lyon, 2012.
    Jury : Philippe Bolon (rapporteur), Mireille Garreau (rapporteur), Frédéric Truchetet (rapporteur), Olivier Basset, François Cotton, Françoise Peyrin, Christophe Odet


  1. [PRIE-11]J. C. Prieto, Revol-Muller, C., and Odet, C., Modélisation multiparamétrique d'organes basée sur le codage de la structure interne, Journée Sciences Croisées Insa-Lyon: Modélisation et Sciences numériques. 2011.
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  1. [REVO-97]C. Revol-Muller and Muller, L., PDS84 :PIC 16C84 Development System, Revue d’électronique Elektor, 8ème prix au « concours international : microprocesseurs 1997. 1997.