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  1. [ROSE-07]J. L. Rose, Revol-Muller, C., Almajdub, M., Chereul, E., and Odet, C., Shape Prior Integrated in an Automated 3D Region Growing method, in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP'07, San Antonio, USA, 2007, pp. 53–56.
  2. [SEMP-06]P. Sempere Roldan, Chereul, E., Dietzel, O., Magnier, L., Pautrota, C., Rbah, L., Sappey-Marinier, D., Wagner, A., Zimmer, L., Janier, M., Tarazona, V., and Dietzel, G., ClearPET a high Performance Small Animal PET Scanner, in First International Conference on Molecular Technologies, Euromedim2006, Marseille, France, 2006, p. (in-press).