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Journal Article

  1. [SCIO-17c]Improved Boundary Segmentation of Skin Lesions in High-Frequency 3D Ultrasound, Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 87, pp. 302-310, 2017.PDF icon CBM2017.pdf (5.17 MB)
  2. [SCIO-17a]Segmentation of Skin Tumors in High-Frequency 3D Ultrasound Images, Ultrasound in Medecine and Biology, vol. 43, pp. 227–238, 2017.PDF icon UMB2016.pdf (2.08 MB)

Conference Paper

  1. [CHAN-16]Vessel Segmentation in High-Frequency 2D/3D Ultrasound Images, in IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2016.PDF icon IUS2016a.pdf (3.81 MB)
  2. [SCIO-15c]B. Sciolla, Cowell, L., Dambry, T., Guibert, B., and Delachartre, P., Multigrid Level-Set Segmentation Of High-Frequency 3D Ultrasound Images Using The Hellinger Distance, in 9th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA), Zagreb, Croatie, 2015, pp. 165-169.PDF icon Sciolla_2015_ISPA.pdf (1.46 MB)
  3. [SCIO-15a]B. Sciolla, Ceccato, P., Cowell, L., Dambry, T., Guibert, B., and Delachartre, P., Segmentation of Inhomogeneous Skin Tissues in High-frequency 3D Ultrasound Images, the Advantage of Non-parametric Log-likelihood Methods, in Physics Procedia, 2015, vol. 70, pp. 1177 - 1180.
    Proceedings of the 2015 İCU International Congress on Ultrasonics, Metz, France