Ongoing PhD Students

Philippe Joos, co-supervised with Didier Vray and Barbara Nicolas, started 2014.

Philippe works cardiac ultrasound imaging.

Emilia Badescu, co-supervised with Denis Friboulet, stared 2015.

Philippe works cardiac ultrasound imaging.

Denis Bujoreanu, co-supervised with Denis Friboulet and Barbara nicolas, stared 2015.

Denis works with coded excitations in high frame rate ultrasound imaging.

Brahim Harbaoui, co-supervised with Pierre Lantelme and Pierre-Yves Courand, started 2015.

Brahim is a cardiologist working with study and exploration of the link between vessel compliance and cardiac function.

Emeline Turquin, co-supervised with François Varray, started 2016.

Emeline works with cardiac tissue caracterisation.

Vincent Perrot, co-supervised with Didier Vray, started 2016.

Vincent works with the development ultrasound imaging techniques for simultaneous flow and vessel wall motion imaging.

Paolo Mattesini, co-supervised with Oliver Basset and Piero Tortoli from the University of Florence.


to be continued