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ULTIM: ULTrasound IMaging



Our research focuses on physical and signal interaction for ultrasound imaging systems and the development of methods to extract relevant parameters from images/signals to characterize biological tissues. Our team aims to cover all stages of the development of ultrasound imaging techniques, from sensor to patient.

The control of the device of acquisition allows us to act on the image formation process. The radio frequency (RF) images and customized images are beamformed with the raw signals directly provided by the ultrasound probe. The image formation is adapted to the methods which we develop. Mutually, the methods take into account the spatiotemporal impulse response of the imaging system and the beamformed image properties.

The methods that we develop lean on physical models to estimate the parameters of elasticity, viscosity, non-linearity, scattering, anisotropy etc... of biological media. Whenever possible, the methods are developed to operate in real time, ie the rate of acquisition of images by the system and are extended to 3D data.

The experimental investigations are performed on PILoT facility.