17/03/2023 - 09:30
Six scientific presentations for the SFRMBM congress.
PhD students
Room Lucky Luke, RDC Jules Verne
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Six scientific presentations for the SFRMBM congress.

The  presentations will be given at the next SFRMBM congress which will take place from March 27 to 29.  https://www.sfrmbm2023.fr/
1) Energy and lipid metabolism of skeletal muscle by 1H and 31P MRS during long-term fasting
Antoine Naegel,  PhD  student
2) Proton density quantfication for radiotherapy planning by MRI
Laura Sayaque,  PhD student
3) Estimation of oxygen extraction fraction by extracranial MRI: a prospective feasibility study in healthy volunteers
Benoît Allignet, Master student
4) Estimation methods and advanced diffusion models for the assessment of liver fibrosis in chronic liver disease
Jiqing Huang, PhD student
5) Free-breathing Magnetic Resonance Elastography in preclinical MRI - Preliminary study
Tiffany Bakir, PhD student
6) Electric field measurement to estimate the specific absorption rate at 11.7 T
Paul Nobre, PhD student